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Civil Block

Natural soap is simple and fantastic for the skin. 

Something special happens when soap is made the traditional way – Natural Glycerin is created. This amazing by-product  moisturises, aids the natural barrier function and mechanical properties of the skin, protecting against irritants and speeding up healing. 

What do we do?

Load the soap with mineral rich clays, vitamin dense ingredients and powerful essential oils. Great soap, supercharged.

Made with plant based oils and simple base alkali, our soap bio-degrades quickly without causing the planet long term harm.

With a carbon neutral website hosted in the UK, lablels printed on uncoated FSC paper to ISO 14001:2015 Eco standard, and boxes made in house from UK manufactured 100% recycled card, we do everything we can to keep that footprint down.

Every BLOCK must pass 4 Checks:

1) A good hard, long lasting soap. 

No messy sludge.

2) With a thick lather that stays put. 

No flash in the pan.

3) That cleans oils and grease brilliantly. 

No sweaty pits.

4) Leaving the skin fresh, moisturised and healthy.

No dryness. No irritation. No problem.

CIVIL BLOCK is natural soap formulated to work the best. No compromise.