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Eastern Block - Turmeric + Patchouli
Eastern Block - Turmeric + Patchouli
Eastern Block - Turmeric + Patchouli
Civil Block

Eastern Block - Turmeric + Patchouli

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Rich, Complex & Spicy are characteristics of this warming BLOCK.

With ground, dried Turmeric Root giving an unmistakable golden glow and a blend of plant extracts giving a troika of subtle yet deep bass scent.

Think of eating Borscht in a Balaclava. Inspired by the depth of flavour in a Goulash, we wanted to create a sophisticated BLOCK full of earthy punch.

Turmeric is prized for the quantities of curcumin, the element that gives its vibrant colour. Ground from the dried plant root, the powder is said to have properties that rival Ibuprofen, but without the toxicity. Used medicinally from 350BC in Indian Ayurveda medicine as a paste on skin to treat minor blemishes up to small pox and shingles!

Patchouli is the stand out extract in this BLOCK. In the 1800’s it was the unmistakable scent used to prove the authenticity of fabrics such as silk coming from the East. Used on skin for centuries, like Turmeric, to treat dryness, acne and eczema.

The perfect way to spend your Ruble…

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