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Nailberry - Mistral Breeze
Nailberry - Mistral Breeze
Nailberry - Mistral Breeze
Nailberry - Mistral Breeze

Nailberry - Mistral Breeze

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Creamy Pastel Blue | Opaque

Inspired by clear Provence skies, our pastel blue is like a breath of sea air for nails. A sweet and solid eye-catching colour, though with a creamy softness that won’t overpower your look. Perfect for day and occasion wear and sure to be a year-round staple.

From the first sweep, this ultra-light, specially developed formula glides onto your nails with ease, bestowing a precise, dazzling and opaque finish. Boost its staying power with a finishing sweep of Shine & Breathe Top Coat and colour your nails healthy!

Wash your hands then moisten a lint-free cotton pad with nail polish remover and sweep over your nails to remove lingering varnish, oils and impurities.

File and buff your nails to smooth any uneven areas and achieve your desired length, then apply one coat of Strengthen & Breathe Base Coat – our fortified yet breathable formula to help strengthen the nail.

Apply one thin coat of your chosen Nailberry polish, using our wide, tapered brush to flawlessly coat your nail from base to tip. Work on both hands to allow each layer to dry.

Follow with a second thin coat, ensuring a vivid, professional-quality finish to each nail. Allow to air dry.

Prolong wear, prevent fading and deliver outstanding shine with a final layer of our revolutionary and breathable Shine & Breathe Top Coat.

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